We are Charlotte and Ludovic, certified yoga teachers and partners on an off the mat. We decided to turn our life upside down to dedicate ourselves to humanitarian relief.

Here is what we have to tell you!

Sharanam: Refuge, Protection. Yoga: Union

Sharanam Yoga Project is a social impact journey around the world intending to give access to the healing benefits of yoga and meditation to minority, traumatized, and underserved populations.

To bring our intention to life, we are keen to partner closely with local non-profits organizations. We are confident that incredible work occurs when partnerships are created between those already doing this potent work and those seeking to get involved.

The project will kick off in the Fall 2018 and continue over the course of 14 months. We will work with a wide variety of vulnerable populations in the following destinations:

  • France (our home country): refugees, prisoners, and at risk youth
  • Kenya: women victims of domestic violence & low income communities
  • South Africa: poor black communities, disadvantaged youth, and incarcerated populations.
  • Mexico: incarcerated women and their innocent children who were born and live in prison
  • Nicaragua: street children in the slums and low income communities
  • Peru: vulnerable families and women victims of domestic violence & sexual abuse
  • India: children & families from begging communities
  • Nepal: social orphans & impoverished communities

From school yoga programs that give at-risk youth the tools to focus their minds, to classes that unite women who are coping with the long-term effects of domestic violence, our trauma-conscious yoga classes aim to empower, free the mind, create ways to feel safe and grounded in one’s body, and foster healthy relationships with one another.

Why do we need your help ?

Healing trauma takes a tribe of support.  We are humbly asking for your help to give greater access to the healing benefits of yoga to minority and traumatized populations. Your financial contribution will:

  • Secure a safe environment to offer our classes: find a space and the necessary equipment (mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks)
  • Sustain our life of service: provide for our basic lodging, meals, daily transportation and healthcare insurance.
  • Transport ourselves between destinations: cover our flight tickets
  • Raise awareness about the population we will be serving: produce and publish content about our programs and social impact

You will be employing us to do this great work in the world, and we take that sacred commitment seriously.

What will be our role? 

  • Develop precious partnership with social justice organizations and establish relationships built on trust with their vulnerable communities
  • Craft and teach all trauma-informed yoga classes - with the help of a translator when necessary
  • Raise awareness about the healing benefits of yoga for trauma survivors by documenting and communicating on our journey
  • Ensure the continuity of the work by collaborating with a local yoga teacher and equipping the partner organization with the tools to pursue the program after we leave
  • Measure and report on our impact to our donors and partners

Why Yoga?

When people experience trauma, whether in an isolated or repeated event, the body often is overwhelmed by the physical paralysis and the alarm center of the brain remains on alert, causing hyper-vigilance and anxiety. The mind-body connection that was broken as a result of trauma must be restored for individuals to live freely.

Yoga is a potent tool:

  • It provides people space to befriend their body as they listen to and honor what their body needs. 
  • It gives people healthy coping skills for managing their anxiety in both their body and mind.
  • It allows people to feel more integrated and cared for holistically: psychologically, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 
  • It teaches people how to utilize their breathing to positively impact how their nervous system responds to stress and triggering stimuli.
  • It empowers them to feel confident in their body as opposed to feeling continually powerless as they did in their trauma.

***Sharanam Yoga Project is a non-profit organization established in France under the status of Association Loi 1901 with the reference number W922012163. The organisation head-office is located at 136 rue Aristide Briand 92300 Levallois-Perret. Their President & Vice-President are Ludovic Baussan (ludovic.baussan@gmail.com) & Charlotte Kelberine (charlottekelberine@gmail.com).***

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